Our westernhorses.

You can enjoy a Western Horsetrail with one of our welltrained horses*.

Zippos M.

Hi, my owners call me Zippos Mountain. I climb up easily the rocky mountains of Mallorca. I am a calm gelding and son of Zippos Country, the breeding stallion of our finca.


Born 2013




Hi am Lucky. I am allways in a good mood. I walk fast and love our wonderful excursions here in Mallorca or when we make our long tours in the Pyrenees and in the South of France.


Born 2004




I like my riders and will do everything they require of me. I have a steady and intensive walk. With my friend Lucky we travel a lot and carry around our owners on Mallorca or on the Mainland.


Born 2000






Hi, I am the It-girl here. My name is Lana. I also have a nice walk like the others.

I am friendly with everybody and easy to ride. Don't forget to bring carrots along!


Born 2005







Western Trail Tour with our horse minimum of 2 hours, 30 € p.p./hour


Western Trail Tour with your horse minimum of 2 hours, 25 € p.p./hour


*Juan only accepts experienced riders with correct maners.


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